From my days as a young elementary school child, I was fascinated with repeating patterns and geometrical shapes.  Graph paper and colored pencils were my favorite things during “free-time” when I was a 4th grader.  Math was always my strongest subject and I loved Geometry.  This was the unlikely foundation for a future quilter.

I also remember sitting on the backside of my mother’s Singer she received as a wedding gift in 1959 watching fabric move under the needle.  It was my job to pull the pins after they safely cleared the presser foot. (Yes, she sewed over her pins, and so do I.)  The summer before I started college, I taught myself to use that Singer (of which I am now the proud owner). The next year, I sewed my first quilt, which I still have and use,  and a love of quilting was born.

Fast-forward many years, and my quilting skills were tested and grown.  While living in upstate New York for a few years, I took a beginning quilting class through the local community education.  It was in this class that I learned the mathematical “secrets” to designing my own patterns.  I continued to learn through books and the irrepressible Eleanor Burns and her Quilt In a Day series on PBS.

My wife and I owned and operated a quilt shop for a number of years.  It was during this period that I wrote and published my first pattern.  I taught a variety of classes at the store and learned to quilt on a long-arm machine.  The shop has long since closed, but the love of quilting remains. A few years after the shop closed, I worked with the designers of Riley Blake Designs to design quilts featuring their fabrics.  At the height of my designing with RBD, I was creating over 15 quilts per year.  Now, I share my quilting with friends and neighbors, mostly by quilting their pieced tops for them and by selling my patterns on Etsy.  Fortunately, my four children are starting to get the “quilting bug” and I love working with them on their individual quilting projects.

Here on this blog, I want to share that love with you.  Happy Quilting!!