Number Two in a Series of Three…Make that Five

As I rung in the new year of 2018, I had 3 wedding quilts on  the drawing board for nieces and nephews that were engaged (or known to soon be engaged).  The first was delivered in February.  This is the second, which was for my niece Raeli and her new husband Michael.  Of course, in the meantime, two more nephews have stepped up and proposed to their sweethearts, increasing the series of 2018 wedding quilts from three to five.

As always, I ask the new couple if they have any preferences…favorite (or least favorite) colors, style, size, etc.  Michael and Raeli indicated that they liked dark blue and neutrals…and maybe some light green.  Given that they are a young couple, I figured the would probably want something with a bit of a modern edge.  The results are shown below.  Basic squares in various sizes in shades of blue and teal with a light green background.

Download a copy of the pattern for this quilt here –> Modern Marriage.

20180504_170102I loved the way the squares lined up creating very  clean lines throughout the quilt.  The “intersecting boxes” quilting motif throughout the background also helped to accentuate the lines of the quilt.  I then quilted the squares of each fabric with a unique motif that was “soft and swirly”.  Whenever I I quilt a quilt for a wedding, I try to always include “rigid” geometrics with softer swirls, as a metaphor of two different motifs (people) coming together to create on beautiful, cohesive quilt (marriage).  Corny, perhaps.  But there is something to be said for realizing the beauty and strength of the individuals entering into marriage and how together, they can create their own new kind of beauty.

Floral and foliage quilting on the blue batik print
Feathers and swirls on the blue & green batik print
“Curly” swirl quilted throughout the light blue batik
Swirl Heart was the perfect quilting motif in the 3″ squares of the navy batik print
The Yin&Yang look of this soft swirls helps to remind of the need for balance in the new relationship
The quilt elements come together to create a warm and welcoming touch
This “faux-piping” looking binding was the finishing touch.  I have used this binding treatment once before and love the results.  I just gives an extra, little something with very little extra effort.

6 thoughts on “Number Two in a Series of Three…Make that Five

  1. I sew with a group once a month on Fridays and I’m known as the batiks girl. I adore batiks. Is the background also a batik? Beautiful quilt.


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