Change of the Seasons

One of the things I enjoy most about my quilt collection is changing them out for the various seasons and holidays. Where I live in northern Utah (USA), spring weather if finally starting to come.  Our tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are beginning to sprout up out of the ground and the temperatures are steadily increasing.

Decorating with quilts is a great way to showcase your talents and artwork.  There are a few places in my home that I have set aside for the featuring of quilts that are changed out throughout the year.  So, about every 6 weeks or so, the entry hall, kitchen and family room take on a new character and a new life as fresh quilts are put on display.

How do you display your quilts in your home, or recognize the change of the seasons through your quilting?  Share in the comments below.

Here is what Spring 2017 has in store around Uncle Paul’s home:

This gorgeous quilt is hanging in the dining area of our kitchen.  The “icy” blue borders and “mortar” lines of this quilt beautifully compliments the Robin Egg blue of the kitchen walls.
This quilt started out as an experiment with pieced borders.  I was able to practice mitered-corners, checkerboards and other fun border techniques.  It also served as a fun playground when it came time to quilt as well.  It has a cozy flannel back that makes it a great snuggle quilt… for both humans and dogs alike.
My two youngest children celebrate their birthdays in March.  Preston is first up, followed by Shaylee, just 10 days later.  This fun birthday quilt adds a bit of extra excitement leading up to their big days.
This quilt was from a pattern I found in a quilt magazine about 15 years ago.  I loved the 30’s fabrics.  The 3-dimensional kites with the button centers just scream Spring to me.  The windy quilting lines almost made me want to go fly a kite for real.
This quilt is actually the creation of my wife’s imagination.  The block centers are embroidery print panels.  The vintage feel of the panels lend themselves nicely to the reproduction prints.